Red Hat CodeReady Containers 備忘録


crc setup

crc config set memory 12000
crc start

eval $(crc oc-env)

crc config は crc start の前にする。すでに作っていたら、一回 crc delete する必要がある(v 1.4.0 現在)

[BUG] The crc start -m option only works the first time the VM is created · Issue #809 · code-ready/crc · GitHub

version up

ERRO Error creating host: Error creating the VM: Error creating machine: Error in driver during machine creation: virError(Code=9, Domain=20, Message='operation failed: domain 'crc' already exists with uuid 2fecb995-b740-4b38-9c10-cf7c50087fc1') 
sudo virsh undefine crc

trouble shooting

FATAL Failed to check if libvirtd service is active 

$ sudo systemctl restart libvirtd
FATAL Bundle 'crc_libvirt_4.3.0.crcbundle' was requested, but the existing VM is using 'crc_libvirt_4.3.8.crcbundle' 

$ crc delete


crc console

kube:admin をクリック -> kubeadmin でログイン

htpasswd_provider をクリック -> developer でログイン


How to access CRC or apps deployed on CRC remotely · Issue #705 · code-ready/crc · GitHub